Sunday, November 18, 2007

We have a more sure Word

" And we have something more sure, the prophetic word..." 2 Peter 1:19

Peter, the Apostle, had an experience that most of us would envy. He not only knew Jesus personally, but he caught a sublime vision of the kingdom glory of His Messiah, while they were on the Mount of Olives. The Gospels record this event.
But while Peter alludes to the glory, and to the Voice of God which he and the others apostles heard, he does not rest on what his senses knew. He appealed to the foundation stone of the Holy Scriptures. Amazing!
How many of us would put Scripture above experience? After all, if you saw a glorious cloud, and light shining with heavenly brilliance, and heard a thunderous Divine Voice speak to you from the sky, well, what more assurance would you need that Jesus is indeed the Messiah? Yet Peter saw and heard and experienced in great detail, all of that, and yet he says "we have something "more sure(!) the prophetic word".

God put his own Word above His Name. All that God is depends on the veracity of his Word. That is why his Word cannot fail. God cannot fail, so his Word, also cannot fail. What God is, his Word is.
Let us take this with us as we trust God for everything. If God has spoken a promise, He will do it. Let us stake our lives on it. Peter did, Paul did, Moses did, all the saints of old did. Where are they now??? Yes, they are in Paradise with the Son of God.
I suppose it's easy to talk about these things. The real test is if we do them. Lord, I believe...Help my unbelief. Look to God, and he will establish your ways. No matter what you feel, or experience, look to the SURE WORD.