Friday, October 23, 2009

Devotional Christian

With so many Christian blogs about polemic type themes, it's refreshing to see this new blog called Devotional Christian HERE.

Be blessed as you read their insightful thoughts on God and the life of faith.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Shroud of Turin And the Resurrection

This report came out about an Italian scientist who supposedly reproduced a shroud similar to the famous artifact known as the Shroud of Turin. The article is here.

Curiously the project was funded by atheists and agnostics, but this proves little other than that such projects are frequently funded by such people. The most important thing to take away from this story is this: The Christian faith is based on the biblical facts of the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth & nothing else. It does nothing to shake my faith if it was proved that the Shroud of Turin is in fact a medieval hoax. In fact, given the propensity of so many superstitious people, and Christians who need such affirmation to give them confidence, it would be good riddance if the Shroud was all but put away for good.

I don't need a controversial Shroud to bolster my belief in Christ. The Gospel that the Apostles preached was that Christ died and was buried "according to the Scriptures". It is the Word of God, which is God-breathed, inerrant, and a living power that convinces me of the fact of the Resurrection and gives me hope in Christ.