Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Bloodline Myth...Again

Bloodline, follows the elaborate story of legendary relics buried by the medieval Templar Knights, near the end of the Crusades. Allegedly, these include a mummified body, a cup, and an anointing jar, among other things, which supposedly date to the first century Jerusalem.

Spinning a web of intrigue, the story sets out to discover if this is all evidence fits into an alleged marital relationship between Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene. Utilizing DNA evidence, radiometric dating, and other scientific evidence, supposedly the filmmakers make some controversial discoveries.

How are Christians to respond to these things? It can seem overwhelming to encounter the many theories, legends, and lines of evidence offered as "proof" that Jesus never rose from the dead, that he and Mary were married, and may have had children, etc. Such blasphemies are most plausible for a generation of agnostics and liberals who see no problem disregarding truth, for whatever may support their foregone conclusions about Jesus.

At the root of these theories is a worldview, that allows for a historical revision of the New Testament. Liberal theories work on the premise of an anti-supernatural bias, and man-centered view of history. The Christian worldview operates on Truth,the objective truth of God, eternal and absolute.

Going back to the apostles who knew Jesus, we have eyewitness accounts of Jesus of Nazareth. Unlike the producers of Bloodline, the apostles did not follow clever myths and legends. It is certain that Jesus was crucified, as the Gospels attest, and that he was buried and resurrected bodily from the tomb. There is no "DNA" evidence of Jesus around because he never married, and he certainly never remained in the tomb as a corpse.

A denial of the Person and work of Jesus, is always at the heart of false views of Christ, and it is the final authority, the irrefutable truth of the Word that stands fast and endures after all the ridiculous theories have passed on, only to make way for the next fad in the lucrative anti-Christian entertainment market.

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