Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Huss, the Proto-Protestant Man of God

I am fascinated by the faith story of John Huss, martyred for his reforming efforts, in particular his repudiation of the Pope and the sale of indulgences. This was a full century or so before Martin Luther's famous 95 Theses made history.

Like the first martyr of the Faith, Stephen, he remained faithful unto death, and even asked God to have mercy on his persecutors. Huss, denied himself, took up his own cross, and followed the Lord Jesus all the way to death by fire. John Huss, it is reported, sang the Psalms at his death. He, no doubt, knew the "joy set before him" as he was enduring so horrible an end of his life.

Though Huss died, the Gospel of Christ, which he preached lived on. The pre-reformation reformer planted the seeds of change that would sweep the western world in the next 100 years from the time he lived. Martin Luther was inspired by his life, the way Huss himself, likewise, had been encouraged by the trials of John Wycliffe before him.

We don't glorify men. Rather, these men understood, that it is the glory of GOD that is worth giving everything for. They paid a price to defend the true Gospel, and to proclaim the life -giving truth of Christ. Yes, grace is free, but we who would live by it, would give everything for it. May we be so blessed as to so live for Christ as to die to the world, and to ourselves, and to be faithful to the Master. AMEN.

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